Design and development of elearning and blended learning solutions


Using our network of trusted experts, we build innovative elearning content. We don't have offices or permanent employees, so you don't pay a premium to cover our overheads. Over the years we have completed many different types of elearning projects for many large organisations. So whether it's rapid elearning, IT system training, bespoke Flash content, or 3D learning environments you need we can help.


Both rapid elearning and informal media have enormous potential to transform elearning for the better. There can, however, be major pitfalls, but with a little knowledge and a bit of help from the experts, these can be overcome to create really effective and engaging elearning.

To get you up and running with rapid elearning and informal media, we can…

  • Help you to choose the right content development packages for your organisation
  • Provide instructional design training and / or support to your elearning authors
  • Help you get the development process right first time
  • Help you build robust quality assurance (QA) processes
  • Design and create bespoke rich media, video and interactivity for your content


We are firm advocates of blended learning, after all, this is how people have traditionally learnt; from a variety of sources. To successfully implement new knowledge, learning should extend beyond the computer (or training room) and into the workplace. In every project we undertake, we evaluate the whole range of learning options before making recommendations.


From the initial client briefing and project definition, to working with subject matter experts, and storyboarding; we have experience in all stages of the elearning design and production process. We can storyboard by hand, in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or your authoring tool of choice, to integrate fully with your workflow and production team. Our creativity allows us to strike the balance between interactivity and a production cost that is right for you.


Video can be an excellent medium to illustrate a point, detail a case study or communicate a message online. We are experienced in shooting video for the web and have all the equipment and expertise needed to produce short, professional films; from interviewing your CEO to documenting a process.


Serious games are a relatively new addition to the learning technologies repertoire and used in the right context can be a highly effective and memorable way of learning. We are experienced in building 3D learning environments and can advise organisations on getting the most out of this method of training.


Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Fri 6 Feb 2015

We are delighted to have won Gold at the Learning Awards in London last night in the Social and Collaborative Learning category for a project that we undertook with BP. The same project also netted us Bronze in the External Learning Solution of the Year category. The awards were presented by Claudia Winkleman. It was a true team effort, congratulations to all involved.

Tue 27 Jan 2015

Meet Rob Hubbard at Learning Technologies 2015
Rob will be chairing two sessions at the Learning Technologies Conference at Olympia, London this week. Catch him on Wednesday 28th January at 11.10 for 'Creativity and Learning' with Tony Buzen, the creator of mind-mapping and again at 11.10 on Thursday 29th January discussing 'Learning Tools' with David Wood, founder of Jam Pan and Julian Stodd from Seasalt Learning. He'll also be running a Google Hangout at 13.50 on Thursday with Patti Shank and Cathy Moore.

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